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  • Seeing myself in doggy, knees pulled up to my chest, butt high in the air on the bed. My cheeks are pulled apart by the position you sitting behind me one hand on my hip, the other hand between my legs rubbing it up and down, tugging my cock, rubbing my balls, fingers sliding between my cheeks and slipping into me. You leaning down licking and kissing my hole, grabbing my cock pulling it back and taking it into your mouth then rubbing your face and licking tongue into my balls. You reach over...  more
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  • I see you kneeling down in front of me one hand holding my cock and balls the other between my legs sliding two fingers in my ass and curling them back towards my cock, sliding in and out and pulling them towards yourself against my hole and insides. The hand on my cock following their pace stroking, twisting, rubbing as you tug and rub on my cock and balls, your mouth open lips and tongue bushing against me and sucking every now and then your eyes looking up into mine smiling as hot breathy...  more
  • Us laying on the bed kissing our hands running up and down each other's bodies, pulling back our lips and smiling then patting each other and saying okay then sitting up and taking a drink of our beers
    I flip a coin and it's tails, smiling at you I motion for you to get on all fours, you take one more drink and crawl yourself into doggy, as you do I sit up behind you
    My hands come down against your cheeks squeezing them spreading them, you hearing my deep lustful breaths my "mmms" as my...  more
  • You are in doggy on the floor with me behind you, one of my hands on my cock the other resting on your back. I am pulling my cock up and down against you slipping through your wet lips from your clit up past your hole then on past your asshole, as my cock moves up and down you I adjust my hips forwards and back, leaning in past your clit with my cock where when I pull it up the top of my head drags hard against it and into your lips, pulling back a little as I pass your sexy wet hole making...  more
  • You sitting up in bed leaned against the headboard me kneeling in front of you my cock to your lips your hand between my legs sliding a cucumber in and out of me hitting my prostrate causing rivers of precum to drip from my cock, me moaning and shacking grabbing your hair tight then letting go, placing my hands on your shoulders squeezing tight balancing myself, throwing my head back and pulling my face tight in bliss. You licking my cock then backing up squeezing my balls as you watch the long...  more
  • I help you atop the desk in our motel room, then pull a chair to sit right below you. I instruct you to get in doggy your ass facing me and to lower your tits to the...
  • First off no! 2nd
    I slide the tip of my cock in your ass and feel you squeezing it tight and loose tight and loose while I barely move it, my body spasming at each jolt of pleasure until I can take no more and you feel the rush of cum exploding inside of you wetting your hole inviting me to slide deep inside you, feeling my balls press between your cheeks as my chest presses to yours my lips taking yours my our tongues embracing one another as my hot cock flexes deep inside your hot body
    I...  more
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  • You me a watermelon
    First I would cut a hole in the end of it and roll in between your legs where it pressed into your pussy I would then goto the other end and slide my cock in and start to fuck it, each thrust rubbing it into your pussy each thrust my moans grow louder as I look into your eyes with extreme lust
    I would then cut a hole in the top of it and come around to your side facing away from you and fuck the new hole pile driver style (something similar) my ass and balls rising and...  more
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  • We walk over to the tub already naked, I move you in front of me holding your arm to help you in the tub, pressing the tip of my cock firmly between your cheeks as you step over the edge, I step over facing you letting my cock swing in your face.
    As I step over your reach out with your hand cupping my balls fingers wrapping around pressing into my ass pulling me forward your lips parting reaching your tongue out licking the head of my cock as your hand between my legs rubs back and forth...  more
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  • We climb in the tub and I begin to rub my hard cock between your lips form clit to hole, as I rub my cock up and down you feel a warm sensation filling your lips and see splashing across my cock balls and your legs. Your clit vibrates as my stream passes it, cock pressed to it tight. You smile struggling to go yourself made easier by the rush between your legs but still a little hard you start slow at first, your steam barley coming out running down my balls, I lift my dick up to shift my hips...  more
  •  I will walk into the room and take your lips shoving my tongue deep into your mouth as my hands slide down your sides then around to your ass squeezing and lifting it pulling you tighter against my hardening cock. I will let go of your lips and kiss my way down your neck stopping to suck on where it meets your shoulder as I pull my hips back and slide a hand between your legs rubbing your pussy through your pants. I would then step around behind you pressing my cock between your cheeks my...  more
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