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    Ok folks, I have asked ITaboo to work through a list of about 18 changes, upgrades and glitches based on things you have brought to my attention. Keep in mind the programmers work slowly but we hope to have a lot accomplished in the next few weeks. I will also make available for anyone that wants one the ITaboo promotional flyer, I can email it to you and you can print copies up to hand out at local adult stores, theaters, glory holes, events you go to. I benefits us all if we get membership...  more
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    At some point over the next week I will be introducing two new moderators. They will be able to answer your questions, you can report pictures and posts to them as they will have the ability to delete pictures and posts and edit ones. They will speak with the same authority as ownership and management. Be aware one will randomly correct our spelling and grammar mistakes for fun. I apologize in advance lol. I want to thank ownership for approving the cost for a new level. It will be nice to...  more
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    Which Asian girls doYOU like best, native born or immigrants? Curious minds want to know.
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    I love this place it's so hard finding guys that don't look at me weird when I say I want a incest family this site is the best
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  • BettyLeighAdmin
    Ok seems our very own little Lady Leeann got herself tanked tonight lol. I will apologize on her behalf to any who gets messages from her until she passes out. I got a video with her singing this little piggy in English French and I think Spanish. Lol
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