Ahoy hoy, We're Man and Sarah, Sarah will be on most of the time Cousins that were raised in a close and loving family by our aunt/mum from an early age, we're also raising our daughter the same way, and are planning on having more kids down the line. We're not in the same country at the moment, as Man has to travel to Australia for work, and Sarah lives in Switzerland. However we do see each other every month and have to most depraved and dirty sex possible, and we always try to include our daughter Miley. We don't have any limits and are both utterly depraved so, you can talk with us about everything and share exoeriences, we like to believe that we have done everything. But would love to be proven wrong. we are on wickr, and our username is famlover. Hit us up to chat about family love and so much more, (we don't have any limits)

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