I am in Eastern Ontario. Who I am is not what you would expect. Society has torn me in two; one a good citizen, the other tormented by what must be kept hidden and locked away until I meet another tormented soul we immediately understand each others deep, dark secrets. Here are the things that most people want to know. I am very direct so let’s get 'em out of the way. I am married. Wife knows about my needs, but not that I am online. She has not been interested in sex for a very long time. I am willing to discuss my situation for those that need to know more. (For those of you that are non judgmental, understanding and still reading). I am 110% drama free. I am completely straight, no curiosity. I can only meet during the day, Monday - Friday. My fetish list is not etched in stone, I am very adventurous and imaginative, but always respect limits. I have experienced a large variety of sexual activities as my interest in everything non-vanilla started quite young (though there is certainly nothing wrong with some gourmet vanilla) I am here to really MEET if there is a connection, so no long drawn out chatting or email exchanges which can never replace those first 5 seconds of a face to face. If you are only looking to talk that is fine, but please be candid about your intentions.

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