I am an s-type, happy with my Sir, and live in Melbourne, Australia. Happy to chat, make new friends, etc, but just so you know, Sir will approve anything I send anywhere if I ever do :P I am a human pup, and proudly so; I am a member of VIC-PAH. I love animals, photography, anything to do with writing or reading, swimming naked, snuggling on the couch and online RP (with the right partners- see Elliquiy). Also, Kristen Archives <3 --PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE OR AT LEAST TALK TO ME BEFORE SENDING A FRIEND REQUEST! <3 -- Also, just a note- I won't be giving you my private contact details; kik, Skype, etc straight off. I reserve the right to be a little selective :P http://itaboo.com/topics/view/1830/verifed <<<<<< Apparently I'm charming and sweet! :P
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    So, in many power exchange relationships, and in BDSM and D/s in general, there's a lot of talk about 'headspaces'. To anyone who hasn't experienced one, this can be a really abstract concept....
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