Work in progress Evil genius seeks female slave minion to join me. Must be prepared to work 24-7 for no pay. She will submit to my desire for bondage and perverted taboo sex. Minion will be will taken care of and be trained and guided. Aftercare included. Messy sex inevitable but costumes and awesome toys provided or made for you. Perverted slave with vanilla interests preferred. For further details, inquire within. call 1-800-bwa haha. or email
  • MasterofOrbs
    Very pretty. Looks like I get to go first. I would, and love to, fondle and expose breasts in public. Finger too. I have big wireless remote vibes I can use to good effect. Especially someplace crowded. How many orgasms can you have before it becomes obvious what is going on? Of course can not forget find a quiet spot, striping you down and enjoying you. That is the pg version