Here is a little more about My house hold in Vero Beach Daddy - R is 57 years old, And a experienced Dom –Master – Daddy (30 years of experience) He is very demanding, strict, perverted and kinky, yet still fair, caring and compassionate, a benevolent natural Dominate, not a insecure lil boy playing at being a Master currently separated soon to be single This is the uncensored list of Things I like or currently find interesting Not necessarily what I am involved or that I have ever been involved in BUT perversions & things I find interesting (in alphabetical order) The basics: Age play, B&D Collar/lead, D/s, Electric stimulation play or TEN's unit Family Play (incest based) Master/slave, Oral worship Spanking Cupping & Suction TPE Wax, The moderate: Breeding Cages Gang bangs Interracial Exhibitionism Orgy’s Swinging Voyeurism Rape play – Moderate not extreme The extreme: Breeding Gang-group breeding’s Glory hole Incest Mulit generation incest & breeding, Unprotected sex (love the risk, and the total submission of a young lady giving up even the control of her reproductive system to her owners) And more