Moderator- I was brought on by Itaboo to help moderate this site and give people a woman to reach out to. And to watch over 8000 of you naughty people. I'm here to chat and get to know people. I do like A lot of the different lifestyle options on here. I'll sort that out for myself while I'm on here. I've started to add fetishes, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to start filling this out but I was trying to keep my position here professional haha. I like a variety of everything. I'm interested in the BDSM lifestyle. I like talking about, role playing and trying new things. I recently moved back home from the Detroit area to just North of Toronto Canada
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    When approaching new people maybe ask them what they are into before jumping in to threats insults and disgusting pictures. Not everyone wants to have their insides chopped up and served to them. Grow the hell up.
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