I came on this site to find what I like and don't like. Since the moderator added the fetish being bitten because I say bite me all the time, it is my first fetish I'm adding. I'm getting close to being able to define my interests. Thanks to all the people on here that helped teach and enlighten me. Location Ontario Canada
  • LadyLeeann
    Ok I'm just saying this to clear up any confusion. I do talk to a lot of people on here. I treat you all with kindness understanding and I try not to judge. I am new to much of this and will admit I'm wading my way through it. If you message me like an overly aggressive teenager and not like I am a human being. I simply will not respond anymore. I will not have anyone tell me what I have to like or not. I will not be degraded insulted or terrorized.
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    • LadyLeeann
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