I came on this site to find what I like and don't like. Since the moderator added the fetish being bitten because I say bite me all the time, it is my first fetish I'm adding. I'm getting close to being able to define my interests. Thanks to all the people on here that helped teach and enlighten me. Location Ontario Canada
  • LadyLeeann
    Well miracles do happen. Been here about a year and by pure happen chance started talking to a new member last week. Turns out he's into a lot of things I am and hes not even 10 minutes from me. It was a weird but we both joined the Toronto group even though we are both in the same small town outside Toronto. As Betty said its a forum to talk to people. Everyone knows it never stops me from meeting people in the real world. This time it might mean I don't need a passport or a full tank of...  more