Thanks for having a look at my profile. In some ways I'm pretty weird, perverted and eccentric, in some ways I'm just like all the other decent, good-hearted folk. If you'd like to know more about me or think we could share something then please get in touch. As for fetishes, for me the main arousing topics are wet & messy play, anal, lactation, fisting, object insertions, breeding, interracial relationships, nudism, sex outdoors and piss play, strong taboos and female slaves/servants/fucktoys. The sexiest fantasy would be to have daughters who choose to become my partners and insist that I breed them. So I think it's fair to say I prefer mainly vanilla sex but with some primal and perverted extras thrown in. I'm flexible and can be Top or Bottom. I could never be a slave, I'm too feisty and quietly dominant for that, however, while I enjoy being in control and ravishing a girl how and when I please, I wouldn't say I'm a Dom or Master either, although perhaps I could learn to be. I'm intelligent (IQ in top 2% of population for what it's worth) and appreciate intelligence in others but intimately understanding human psychology and being able to train and manipulate a girl into submission in Machiavellian sophisticated style is not my forte. Being the gentleman caveman is more my style. With one girlfriend I did provide some hard spanking with a wooden bath brush, which turned out to be very arousing indeed - it so excited me I would have anally raped her silly had she been into anal too. I've been sexual from a very early age and have a fairly high sex drive. What am I looking for? Mainly friends or a partner(s) who share my fetishes but who are also somewhat compatible on other levels. I'm rarely interested in casual sex and need some connection and friendship with someone. I'm bisexual and enjoying loving relationships with women and men. I'm a quiet, thoughtful, geeky non-smoker living in south west UK and I look forward to hearing from some deliciously deviant folks.