Genuine, South UK male sub, potentially slave, with enough imaginative kinks to keep the most dominant and bizarre of you entertained - risk aware, but adventurous limits. I enjoy dressing in rubber and getting into gear, but far prefer being told to. Rope, the instruments of restraint and getting wet and messy tends to make me go a bit squiffy. Far from broken, I just have a sexuality that craves the bizarre and creative. You’ll find me completely accepting of whoever you are, how you identify and who you choose to be. If I contact you it’ll never be meant with expectation but I can be a bit cheeky if I forget myself. I'd like to think I'm emotionally enlightened and would never want to be the source of drama. With a particular kink for equestrianism, no doubt down to growing up on a farm surrounded by horsey people and their naturally dominant ways, time spent in pony boy pet space is particularly special. Active and known on the local scene, I'd like to find others who have their own ideas for what they'd like to do with me.

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