I am looking for someone who can keep up with my untamed energy ;). I am motivated and loving who happens to be full of ideas. I do believe life is short. I am very proud of my accomplishment and I know I have lots to learn and still to grow. I have a good, comfortable life with 3 cats in it and I am very grateful for everything. I like to exercise and eat healthy, to stay fit physically and emotionally. I don’t mind hard work and enjoy my field of work. I love simple things in life and make all effort to stay away from negative energy. I fully appreciate BDSM and I know my match will be Masochist with slave kinks who adore structure, rule and discipline. Honestly, we all need these qualities to achieve our goals. I am naturally assertive and very disciplined. I like to plan, manage and make decisions. In bed I know what I like and I am never shy to ask for what I need. I would like to meet someone who is kinky, super nice, shy and family oriented. I like to make meals, watching stars, long walks, Ice cream, cookie and milk, watching movies, cuddling, eating cake, camping, driving etc. I don’t think BDSM is a life style; however I do believe it is a way to spend time with a partner(s) and form a relationship. I still enjoy normal vanilla life and goodness it has to offer. I love going on a date. I do understand women on Fetlife get millions of emails daily. So, technically it makes no sense for me to send one more email and add it to a pile. I do read profile and writings if available before sending an email. If you like what you see please do send me a massage and I will love to learn more about you. I know that all conversations don’t lead to sex and sometimes a good conversation results in a friendship. I will not be pushy and I will try my best to be patience while I learn more about you. I have my face photos available for friends.

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