I just want to start out by saying a few things. I am into a lot of things; fantasy talk (everyday normal stuff to very dark and extreme), role play and exploring the depths of our minds. Will i do or act out all these things? No....Will I do anything to go to jail? No....All that being said. Do not ask for and do not send me anything illegal with anything young because I do not want it. I am not going to go to jail over pictures or videos. I am a very kinky man into most anything you can imagine. I love pussy, cock, toys, fisting, anal, piss, glory holes, groups, old, young (nothing to send me to jail), groups, swinging, incest stories, bare backing, BBW, SSBBW, cum, cuckolding, humiliating sluts, incest, biting, spiting,enemas, fucking my ass for people to watch (yes, i can take my 18" toys deep in my ass) and so on and so forth. I do love to hear what people have to say and what is in the depths of peoples mind. Its a huge turn on for me that someone would/will trust me that much where they tell me their deepest darkest thoughts, secrets, desires and dreams. Hell we can talk about sex, life, love, goals and stuff like that too. I get busy at work and its good to have well rounded conversations. That being said, conversations are a two way street. A pet peeve of mine is where i talk and the other person responds with short phrases or answers. I am also on fetlife too if you want to look my profile there. I have more pictures of me and things I have done. (knkybitxmn692) I am on kik at knkybitxmn692a

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