I'm a totally fucked up bisexual guy, that is successful and good looking, and looking to continue living out my fantasies and helping others to realize their own fantasies. Ideally, I am looking for that special girl that is as fucked and adventurous as I am, and is looking for true love, and a partner in crime to explore all of our sexual and lifetime dreams together. Not into scat, other than ass-to-mouth, I don't play with children, and I stay away from anything that puts us into the hospital or in jail. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. I'm doing a year or two work in Germany, before finally retiring again and moving back to my house in Florida, or perhaps somewhere else as long as it's a warm climate. I'm not romantically interested in men, but I do love sharing them with my slut girl/wife/significant other. I do enjoy getting fucked by men, I love cum, and I totally love eating pussy before, during and after it's been fucked. Watersports is a must; I think it's deliciously nasty. If you are looking for that lifetime partner that will never judge you for your perversions, then that's me. If you've been cast out by society because of your lifestyle, then let's talk! Let's make dreams and fantasies cum true together. I'm kinda shy at first, and well personally, so many of us men's emails don't get a reply, so if I email you, that means that you really mean something to me. If there's something about my profile you like, then I really hope that you'll message me, email me, do something to get my attention. I'm not opposed to moving you to me immediately, or me relocating to you when I'm done with this work in Germany. After I retire, my princess slut and I will travel, visit fetish events and friends around the world. We will enjoy each other forever. We all have skeletons in our closet, but they shouldn't keep us from finding true love and the perfect connection. My groups, postings, and fetishes are an accurate reflection of who I am and what I want out of life. How about you???

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