Midwest bi male......clean, discreet and enjoy getting naked and playing with others. Enjoy one on one play threesomes with couples, group play. Seeking those interested in swinging, alternative lifestyles, fetish, kinky and taboo topics of all types. Open minded, honest, sincere folks wanted. Seeking open people for friendship, communications, and possible sexy encounters. Looking to explore and open to just about anything pleasurable. I have a wide range of interests. Some topics may interest me, but may not have any experience. Will discuss anything with courteous, understanding people. Try to accept others for who they are and hope people will accept me for who I am. Always seeking to explore new or different ways to achieve sexual stimulation and fulfillment. I enjoy sex, sexual topics, sensuality, eroticism, and fantasy taboo forbidden topics. Just an average horny guy that like sexual play with others. Consider myself to be honest and sincere. Always respectful of others and get great pleasure in giving pleasure to others. I am bi and will play with cock, but women are my preference. The female, of any age, fascinates me to no end. Never tiring of the female form and all the lovely shapes and sizes in which they are presented. Females of all ages, the presence of a female, the sound of a female, the scent of female, the taste of female.

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