An opportunity for your seemingly impossible hopes and desires to become a reality... I am building something of a world-apart. This will be a secluded, isolated, self-sufficient little micro-society. It is being built because I am not alone in my dissociation from modern society, in my extreme desires that go well beyond the realm of bdsm and into the very, very taboo. There are many of us who must wear masks in public because we are not suited to society’s bigoted standards, indoctrinated morality, and contemptible sense of propriety. This world is not made for us, nor are we for this world. So, I am creating a place where we can and do belong, a place that allows us true freedom and a real chance at self-actualization. It will be a home, a sanctuary, to a select few who will be suited to it, and it to them. I'm in the KC Metro area. On Wickr for more private and direct chat. More pics...

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