I am a PREDATOR. I only enjoy the most DEPRAVED acts. I am here to explore TABOO activities. I am NOT interested in chatting about them, I want to experience them. If you have a taboo you want to explore, and just need someone safe/sane to do it with, consider contacting me. Here are the TABOO activities I do NOT participate in: Scat Vomit Blood Here are the TABOO activities I WILL participate in: Family - i.e. Incest - Unspeakable to some, but undeniably sexy to the most perverse, twisted minds among us. Forced - i.e. Rape, Kidnapping/Abduction Golden - i.e. Pissing on and in (giving and not receiving) Slavery - i.e. Sexual and Domestic Age Play: littles etc Pregnant - i.e. Pregnancy without Motherhood Pain - i.e. Extreme Sadism, not bedroom BDSM For Sale - i.e. Selling of flesh for profit. Prostitution, Hookers, Street Walkers, you name it. Your willingness to be rented out, no matter how humiliating the rate of pay, or the act(s) involved... Extreme: Face Slapping, Body Punching, Spitting, Choking (i.e. breath and carotid play), Humiliation Abusive: Violence, co-dependence, isolation, assaults, mind control, punishment - physical, mental, verbal abuse. Give me the opportunity, and I will destroy you… then build you back up, into a better version of who you were, so that I can have the pleasure of destroying you again. If you are looking for someone open-minded and accepting, contact me. If you want to explore something you couldn't possibly admit to anyone else that you're interested in, contact me. This is your opportunity to be honest about who you are, and what you want, and plumb the deepest, darkest depths of your sexuality. I am willing to exchange a few emails to establish trust, but endless messages will get you NOWHERE with me...

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