Hii! Welcome to my page! About me: I embrace many roles in this lifestyle and I am constantly evolving and changing. I am a princess, a pain slut, a babygirl and a very devoted slave to my Master/Daddy kinkycaveman. He has molded and shaped me, while encouraging and allowing me to grow freely under his care and guidance for almost 4 years. I love him deeply, and he has made my journey in this lifestyle unforgettable. He doesn't mind if you admire me and comment on my pics and statuses as long as you are respectful. My kinks are varied and I enjoy various things on many different levels. Water sports, face slapping, race play, are just a few. Some days I just want cuddles with my Daddy, other days I want to be choked out while I'm being beat. There's never a time I don't want to be used by him. He gives me beautiful marks and and takes wonderful care of his property. That lovely tattoo of lock and keys on my thigh symbolizes exactly how he owns me....lock and key. Im very approachable and I love to chat so don't be shy when sending a message but do know my Daddy does see them, and will address any negative ones or ones that are out of line. We ALWAYS welcome beautiful kinky women to chat with us. I myself am quite fond of sissies that would let me dress them up and do their makeup. So take a look around and enjoy! **I am NOT into incest or anything to do with younger, underage. That's not my kink but I respect it if it's yours. Just don't expect me to have lengthy conversations about it. **

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