First, I do have a few limits that I want to insure you are aware of. 1.NO CHILDREN 2. No death/dismemberment 3. No Scat Yes! I have been verified. For any who are wondering. I don't accept blind friends requests. If you wish to add me to your friends list, message me first. If I do not receive a message first, I will most likely refuse the request. Messages with "HI, Hello" or other such messages with no other content are not, by me considered a message and therefore will be deleted. I feel the need to add that I do have several allergies. The one I feel is most important to mention here is Latex. That being said, I do not use latex in any form, which includes condoms. The painful and disabling blisters and swelling that latex causes me is enough for me not to use latex...EVER! As to protecting my hands, I do use nitrile gloves when I'm doing needles or fisting. I am a Sadist seeking masochists in the Fayetteville, NC area. Any females into needles in their tits, cunt lips, or other areas of the body are of particular interest. I also enjoy skewering tits and cunt lips. I also have other interests which include, but are not limited to, giving anal fisting, giving uterus fisting, watching women being fucked by dogs or other animals, women into gang breeding, women who are into total and complete submission, and women who want continuous lactation for the purposes of being used like a cow, and other forms of degradation and humiliation. Results from my BDSM test == Results from == 99% Dominant 99% Sadist 98% Master/Mistress 97% Degrader 96% Primal (Hunter) 95% Rigger 94% Owner 82% Brat tamer 68% Voyeur 64% Non-monogamist 56% Experimentalist 54% Daddy/Mommy 35% Ageplayer 32% Exhibitionist 25% Vanilla 4% Masochist 1% Degradee 1% Girl/Boy 1% Primal (Prey) 1% Switch 0% Brat 0% Pet 0% Rope bunny 0% Slave 0% Submissive

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