Located in the State of Georgia in the South Eastern United States. I stand 5'4 in tall, wear US size 12, sometimes 14 (if you don't know that's the same as Marilyn Monroe size) with bust size 38 DD all natural and have a pretty ample size butt, I am a Curvy girl and I love my curves. I am a Submissive, Babygirl, Little, and Brat. Currently, tend to lean more toward Babygirl and a Little and becoming more frequently in touch with my "little" side. Still quite new to this world in a formal way anyway ;-). I am submissive but not completely passive lol. All things even and Yin and yang and so forth, I can also be very temperamental, impatient and non submissive as well in life sometimes. I have a very sweet loving side that loves nothing more than to please and be playful and affectionate and attentive. However, if I am directly challenged a certain derogatory way I can become extremely oppositional and defiant with an iron will. Also admittedly, If you offend me and particularly if you hurt my feelings severely, I can on occasion possess a wicked nasty temper that you do not want to be on the receiving end of. Just being honest. Of course admittedly I have never been "trained", "collared", or completely submitted to anyone yet though it is my greatest wish to find that right person and be able to do so. In addition, mostly I am compassionate, caring, empathetic and I love all things humorous and have a broad sense of twisted humor, am often witty and sarcastic and sometimes a gentle smartmouth but I love to laugh and I enjoy the same qualities the most in other people. I am not a typical Submissive I guess you would say. Actually, I'm not a typical anything, I'm a bit of a walking contradiction, a paradox at times or so it would seem to others lol ;) AND HEY HERE IS A NOVEL IDEA (read this part it's important!!!), YES, I AM VERY KINKY AND HAVE FESTISHES AND THOROUGHLY ENJOY SEX AND DESIRE WHAT IS TERMED AN ALTERNATIVE TYPE RELATIONSHIP BY MAINSTREAM SOCIETY HOWEVER, I DESIRE A RELATIONSHIP NONETHELESS. LOVE, ADORATION, RESPECT AND A DEEP EMOTIONAL CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT WITH SOMEONE, IDEALLY D/s in nature mostly but still a loving committed relationship. I DO NOT DESIRE TO BE A RANDOM SEX TOY, A PLAY PARTNER, A RANDOM HOOKUP, A FRIEND WITH BENEFITS, A THIRD, TO DO SCENES WITH RANDOM PEOPLE OR PARTIES, BE PART OF A POLY SITUATION OF ANY KIND, ETC., I'M CERTAINLY NOT AGAINST ANY OF THOSE THINGS IT JUST ISNT WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR ME PERSONALLY. However, I do enjoy talking to and learning from and making new friends with just about any and everyone. So anyone can always feel free to message and say hello :-)

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