Hello, I'm Lixy. 26, Female from Central Florida. I am a submissive primarily, but I also identify as a little and a pet at times. I'm looking for friends and people to talk to. There is a special man in my life who trains me and guides me. I am under his protection, I wouldn't have it any other way. Me as a Submissive: I enjoy everything about being a Submissive. I enjoy the feelings and the intense scenes. I love being made to serve and make him happy. I love giving up my control, so that he may use me in the ways he desires. I often think about the meaning of submission and I'm learning more about it every single day. That is not to say that I will just give you my submission if asked. It does not work that way. You must first EARN my submission. Me as a Pet: My name is Pippa and I'm a hucow. Pretty little brown cow, with large udders for milking. I am not currently producing milk but with sir's help I'm hoping to get there soon. I love the feeling of having my breasts touched and tied and licked and sucked and fucked. Although lately they have been pretty sensitive. Me as a Little: Little space is my safe place. This is where I go to recuperate, and find new strength. With that being said I prefer my little space to be 80% Safe for work. I'm not into finding a "Daddy" who only wants to touch my princess parts. I want a Daddy who will accept all of me, and be okay with me wanting my little space separated from my subspace. I don't feel I could do both at once so don't ask.

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