Looking for a specific type. I imagine I can't have everything, but these are my ideals: masculine taboo male, vegan, mostly top, Green Party values, funny, fun, smart. If you can selfsuck that's a plus. I'd like to be swingers together. Transgendered female into incest, selfsuckers. I am into cock/pussy like a ratio of 70/30. I'm not a domme and I prefer to bottom. I've had sex with a few male cousins, one of which lasted over a decade and he was basically my lover and we did have anal as well as oral. I'm more so into daddies into their own kids and fam, predominantly males. I do appreciate other incest but generally my affinity is for loving perv daddy types. I like a huge variety from 2 up, all shapes, sizes, races. It seems this site doesn't have much male same sex content. I am a male wanting to transition to full time ts female with a dick ... but, I like m/m also and for incest this is hot to me. I am seeing pretty much mostly content including females with their son figure or father figure or brother ... or mom and daughter or pet. These are not really my fantasies. While I can appreciate and enjoy content including females, it's totally a man's world here and that of lesbian action, which is also kind of a man's world, fantasy central. I'll add ppl but this place isn't really providing me with much. Thanks for your interest. I'm a professional truck driver and generally on the road.

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