Friends call me Bingo, the Manimal Trainer .... I am a Florida Cracker who owns a small horse farm in rural SW Florida. I love horses and whores equally: I know how to train them and I know how to treat them as both need a firm hand and a gentle heart to get them to perform. ,,,, I adopted an alternative lifestyle at an early age and have been swinging for over 40 years. About 20 years ago, I added the D/s dynamic to my play and, although, I am not a sadist, I do not hesitate to use physical discipline to ensure a sub’s compliance. At various times, I have been in the D/s role of Daddy, Dom, or Master. In my current evolutionary form, I am a pet Handler/Trainer who instructs kinksters in objectification and animal transformation to their selected pet persona (aka “pet play”, not to be confused with bestiality). This is a mental transformation and not a physical one. For those subbies who want to enjoy pet play and achieve that ultimate primal experience, I strip away all their humanity and substitute their selected pet persona. In doing so, their minds are liberated from human thought and emotion so that their body is free to enjoy raw, pure, primal animalistic sex. Once the subbies becomes one with their inner animal, a training program ensues to teach the manimal to become a well-disciplined pet for their Owners. ..... So for all of you Doms / Owners out there looking for your subs to become piggies, ponies, puppies, or hucows, send me a note and we can chat about your situation. And for all of you sub pet wannabes who are unowned, drop me a line and we can discuss your desire to transform and my services as a pet Handler / Trainer. I am a full Bi-Top, so both male as well as female are encouraged to apply. Please note that I am currently only interested in full time residents in Florida for real time encounters - no vacationers and no cyber. ..... Bingo

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