About me : Lilith is my Goddess i worship her and accept her in my life. praise Lilith the Goddess the mother off all lust, feninism, and the first womman ever to be created. Hey my name is Dannii :) i live in norway and im 20 years old. I Started in this lifestyle when i were 15. Have been exploring since then. I dont have an wast experience like others but wants to learn :) Pleasure can appear inn so manny ways so i Always say That, dont say no before you tryed it ;) i want to learn how to see the pleasure in every way and hope someone out there will teach me :)

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    Hei introduser dere :) har kan vi møtest og snakke :)Hey post a introduction about you :D We can come here to talk and meet :D
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    Well long time since i have posted any thing well i am currently searching for a chastity device i can use that i can also hide when im using thights <3 if u got one im interested
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    Well its finaly time i cant belive how fast the past 4 months have passed
    well here goes

    The 4th Month uppdate <3

    Hey Every one
    so what have i been up to the last month ? well first off im finally getting an apointment with a psychaiatris the 2nd of march, and its some thing im looking forward to <3.
    I have also been shopping like crazy and gotten a new wardrobe

    so some changes about my apperance
    I have Pierced bouth my ears <3 gotten my self a pixie Haircut <3 And engulfed my...  more
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    Pixiegurl1014 thank you 😘😍😍❀️❀️❀️
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    My makeup for today and A teaser for the 4th month uppdate Happy valentines day <3
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    I have gotten my self A hair Cutt to day weee before is with red lipstick after is whit pink
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    Heey all girls boys daddys littles masos just Hello every one <3 im going to adress something That i guess every one That dont think with their Horny place thinks.
    Well i dont think its smart Anny how.

    Well first off If you are going to start to chat with some one dont start with Horny ? Is your cunt leeking?
    Or Hey babe want my dick up your ass?

    Say Hello give A compliment be smart funn fact about me im getting crazy Horny If you tease me and If i can have An intelectual conversation ...  more
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