• Gender: Transgender
  • Age: 22
  • Sexual Orientation: Queer
  • Role: Doll


    im a 22 yo pre op trans girl living in the PNW <3 my goal is to someday be a perfect submissive big titted sissybimbo doll <3 i love the dark, the morose, the morbid, the strange, the fucked up, the weird, the creepy and the cute... despite my depraved tendencies i do have some rather feministy views outside the bedroom so please be nice (or knotty hehe) for the record i have a TON of kinks (including but not limited to whats listed above so feel free to ask) im especially into the incest bimbofication, femdom and rape and i love being filled with hot thick cum and giving head... id love to find someone with a family to play with <3 so shoot me a msg and lets be friends i promise not to bite (too hard) hehehe Tho be warned I'm shyer then I look I'm open to ALL kinds of play with a few hard limits that I expect to be respecteha Women, and queers (trans women included) to the front <3 the crazier kinkier and more taboo the better Ps plz dont call me "sir" or "he" or and other male pronouns thanx ^^ Horny hauntings everyone ;3

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