Hello everyone, I'm a young funny mature men who was tired of is normal life and whanted to explore is sexuality. I have many and some are more taboo then others. I have strong attraction to mature and BBW women. I have been with a couple of them already and I grave more. I love to make love but I can be hard and fuck a women like she is a object. I'm addicted to eating pussy, it's my drug, I can go down on a women for hours. And my biggest fantasy is incest, I read about it, a write about it and it's almost always in my mind. I have ad some experience with my cousin earlier in my life and I think it's only activated that lust in me. Feeling the body of a family member is a feeling so strong and almost orgasmic. I'm here to meet people from all around the world, to make friends and to talk about their sexuality and mine. To exchange about that beautiful thing that is sex. And maybe find some ladys close to me to have some interesting time ;) Anybody can reach me on Kik JeanSimon69 No need to ask to add me as a friend here or on Kik My pleasure J-S

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