I am looking for a sub woman or couple to drive with me in my motor home from Calif to Fla over the Christmas holiday. I am not looking for someone to share expenses, just company and ... I understand this is a more time than most can get free during this time of year and being away from family over Christmas, I would be willing to Pick you up, when we get back to Fla. Or where you wish to be let off, I would be willing to fly you back home when you wish. If you are looking for a trip from back east to Calif (or somewhere along the route), would do the same. I am open to almost any situation you have to make the trip fun. Trip time would be 4-5 days driving each way. I am an experienced Master very open minded with few limits. Retired from the Navy in 1990, now have disability retirement from VA. I am very open to meet woman, couples, and selected single men in the Northern Calif. area, or ones that could visit. I am open to any age, race, or stature. I am looking forward to hear more of what you are looking for in meetings, like bondage, spanking, oral sex, anal sex, web cam play when together, photos, etc. please be specific. You may also write a story of what you may like a meeting with me would be like in your fantasy meeting. Again I will make it clear that I would never do anything to you that is not requested by you, are that you have not agreed to. I am not looking for a 24/7 relationship, I am separated. I am seeking someone that just wishes to have occasional but on going Master/sub play, Daddy/daughter, Master/human animal, or other types of BDSM relationship. If this may interest anyone, please contact me and we can work out the details and discuss options. I do have a KIK account, tomsol64, just started using KIK, not always on. Feel free to contact IM me at sir_thomas_s@yahoo.com (I Do NOT check email on yahoo) ALL PICS ON MY PROFILE ARE NOT MINE< I FOUND THEM ON THE INTERNET!!

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