Durham Region, Ontario, Canada Who am I... A happy lil girl cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. I'm a short, single, cheeky, red head (thank you L'Oreal), bbw, poly, kinky, shy, stubborn, mother who likes to cuddle and laugh. A lil girl who enjoys some slightly twisted fun. I also have a sadistic side and enjoy topping at times. I would love to find a male submissive or bottom who would be interested in subbing to Daddy and myself. In this case, being bisexual would be a requirement. I am polyamorous but not a swinger or interested in casual or NSA play as casual sex is a turn off for me. I require a mental connection which is grown over time and can not be achieved in a casual or erratic relationship. I can't be my best if I don't know my partner or feel connected to them. So, I am interested in establishing relationships that involve a balance of play, sex and dating but I in no way require or want monogamy. I love secondary relationships and I am also looking for that special man who can be a part of both my kink and vanilla life and who is available to grow into a primary polyamorous relationship. BDSM is not a lifestyle for me. It's about fun and enjoyment, hedonistic enjoyment. If you take it too seriously or find you can't laugh in bed then we aren't going to be well suited. Sex should be fun. Please don't be the guy who starts out talking dirty or asking for nudes before he even asks my name. Hard limits: Anything you like that I don't like :).

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