Hey y'all. I'm CobaltFlux, a piece of shit submissive from the shitty part of the shitty part of Ohio, which in itself is a pretty shitty state. I've been away from kink after a bad experience with a mistress, but after talking to some awesome people, I am back and looking for someone truly awesome and cruel to serve. My true sexuality is "trisexual" which is a really bad joke but basically means that I'm open to try anything within reason. My old mistress had a similar style and subjected me to some really crazy things, such as suspension bondage, public humiliation/degradation, hot-and-cold play, piss, and sploshing. Of everything, my toppest of the top fetishes are humiliation and degradation, sploshing, orgasm denial (which as of writing this, I am on a self-imposed 50 day OD torment. day 47), and general submission and BDSM. I'm pretty masochistic and will often do stupid things that are intentionally painful just to get off a little, especially if it involves my junk or my nipples (Light CBT is best CBT). Limits are very simple: no scat or diapers, nothing that is intentionally designed to let blood flow such as piercing or knife play (though if I'm whipped and blood comes out, it's ok), and nothing illegal, because you can't do BDSM in prison haha. What I'm looking for is basically a FWB or Short-Term who's into making men theirs and having them do their bidding at any time at any place. Serving women is my lifeblood, and not having a mistress makes me feel incomplete. Hope to meet someone soon, if just for chat online or maybe more. Outside of kinkland, I am a college student going for a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration hoping to become a manager of some big corporation. Either that or Human Resources. I dunno... And outside of college and kinkland, I am a huge anime and furry nerd who makes bad jokes at every point of every discussion. Also, I love Z-grade exploitation movies, such as Cannibal Holocaust and every Godfrey Ho movie ever made (think budget Bruce Lee with terrible dubbing. Fucking amazing.) Wow, I sure rambled on a lot there. Oops.

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