Hello all...I'm back. (Wickr/KiK: percy1948) I'm a 48yo Ivy League educated, professional pervy uncle to 11 nieces. I really enjoy sharing non nude pics of them and other family members on here and wickr along with some nasty chat. I have very, VERY few limits. Absolutely open to ALL topics. I especially enjoy chatting with fellow like minded pervs about any subject. My likes include but certainly not limited to...Incest, cuckold, BDSM, anything extreme and beyond taboo and of course the standards such as...gangbangs, dp's, facials etc. huge fan of anything ass/anal. Love women of ALL ages.Over the next couple weeks I hope the get my profile more organized and hope to meet some great, HONEST people. Love to chat anytime. KiK: Percy1948 Wickr: same as KiK.

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