PLEASE READ MY PROFILE IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE CONTACTING ME I DO NOT SUBMIT TO WOMEN EVER. If you have questions please feel free to ask NICELY and RESPECTFULLY. Who and what I am is a question that is at best difficult to answer.I am passionate,caring,loving and sweet.I'm dark,evil,seductive and erotic.I'm classy, intelligent,charismatic,and mysterious.I am of a time long forgotten and yet a time that has not yet come to pass.I am forgotten and remembered,hated and adored. I'm a Libra.. passionate and creative and always trying to keep things balanced.I'm open and honest and always blunt.. tact is not my strong suit.I can be your best of friends or I can be your worst enemy.I am what I am. What and who I am, regardless of what it is in my life, is a PART of who I am. Succubi and fetish.Mother and saint.Such a contradiction am I. I'm just an all around interesting and quixotic person. I'm a cougar, a MILF and now a GILF. I prefer ALL my men to be YOUNGER than myself and well groomed. I prefer tall and slender males. I also prefer long hair but it is not a requirement. I am VERY picky. I DO NOT submit to women. NOTES: ** I HATE REPEATING INFORMATION READ MY DAMN PROFILE AND LOOK AT MY PICS AND LOOK AT MY FETISHES AND GROUPS TO GET A REALLY GOOD IDEA OF WHAT MY INTERESTS ARE.( STOP STUPIDITY NOW!) ** ANY rudeness or disrespect will lead to you being blocked

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