I am well educated, traveled, streetwise and come equipped with a complete suite of human emotion. I'm a believer in safe, sane and consensual play. It should go without saying that communication, trust and respect are essential in any relationship but it's always good idea to make it clear from the get go. Seeking an attentive perspicacious female between the ages of 20 - 48 years old. Someone who shares my enthusiasm in exploring sexuality from an intellectual and artistic perspective. She'll be intelligent, slutty, obedient, enthusiastic, expressive, spontaneous, savvy, polished, experimental, mischievous, gregarious, attentive, wellness-oriented, energetic, stimulating, balanced, curious, aspiring, passionate, lustful, possessive, financially secure, self-reliant, grounded, organized and professional, sexually uninhibited, playful and submissive yet strong willed. The messy and tousled welcome.

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