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  • Leeann
    Ok I'm available for verifications again if anyone is up to it,
  • BettyLeighAdmin
    Ok, first tech issue for the changes has been reported and I hope they fix it soon. If you go to a member's profile and try to send them a message. It is white letters on a white box so you can't see what you are typing the other person can read it on their end but you just need to type slowly and carefully for now until those letters are changed to black lol
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  • BettyLeighAdmin
    Ok over the next day or two we will be changing the colours (colors) on the site a bit. I ask everyone to remain calm. We will likely keep the colour(color) scheme but we do intend to brighten it up and lighten it up. The site is very dark. Please refrain from losing your minds and flipping out on me. I'm extremely over worked and stressed as it is. Also, complaints, issues and problems should come to me as Itaboo does not log in often enough to respond.
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  • SuezieCross
    WOW, You are GORGEOUS!!!!
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    a super sexxxy body Gloana
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